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21 de July de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

Care and Handling of hatching eggs

Poultry is the commercial breeding of various types of domesticated birds for the purpose of marketing meat and eggs. The most common bird and largely bred by the poultry sector is the chicken. About 600 million chicks are housed every month only in Brazil, generating a protein source of high value and low cost. The […]

14 de July de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

How hatched eggs and chick quality influence profits

High performance and productivity are goals that plague any business. The control of various parameters over a process is increasingly strict, and not far from these premises, the agribusiness industry has shown positive results over the past few years, leveraging the national economy. According to the 2015 ABPA’s annual report, the Brazilian poultry sector has […]

7 de July de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

The importance of disinfecting eggs in preventing salmonella

As the market is increasingly demanding with the quality of products, companies try to adapt to these new demands. The agricultural industry is still the main sector of the Brazilian economy that has been growing in recent years. In this scenario, the processes must be constantly evolving and always looking for an improvement in the […]

30 de June de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

Labor reduction in disinfection and monitoring of production

Thirty years ago, discussions began to emerge about rural exodus, the problems it would bring and forecasts of lack of manpower. Today, this is no longer the future, it’s the reality. There’s little skilled labor and services are left to be done. To meet this need, and improve processes, technology is becoming more prevalent in […]

23 de June de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

Formaldehyde and its prohibition in the disinfection of eggs

The chemical disinfection of the shell surface of previously cleaned eggs is a great way to control contamination by fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. Whereas each chemical has unique properties that are peculiar, the use of these, however, should not be made without prior knowledge of its effects. It is important to note that for […]

o que é Biossegurança 19 de February de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

What is Biosafety?

According to a informative from EMBRAPA Swine and Poultry, biosafety refers to the “group of norms and procedures to avoid entry of infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) into the flock, as well as control its dissemination among different sectors or animal groups in the production system”. In short, any action taken to prevent […]

19 de February de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

Would you buy an egg that had been washed?

When you go to the market, what do you pay attention to when buying an egg box? Its smell? The color of the eggs? Cracks? Dirt or size? What about diseases? Everybody knows who that Salmonela is. An annoying disease that is present in eggs that are not well cooked, in the poorly made or […]


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