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Sucess Cases

Success is made up of many factors, but one of them is essential and unique: the quality work performed by your employees. At our company, acknowledgement and appreciation of the group reflect positively on customer services. We try to not only create and execute innovative and high tech solutions but always be ahead, changing and reinventing ourselves.

It’s through excellence and satisfaction, always looking for a better performance of the agricultural activities, whether it’s for small, medium or big producers as well as for the agribusiness, that we pay attention daily to not lose our essence of serving with quality, originality and cordiality. Take a look at some of our success cases below.

Gerdau Melhores da Terra Award: Fornari under the spotlight

Fornari Industria Ltda

Fornari Industry, from Concórdia/SC, has been recognized in the Brazilian market as a company specialized in sustainability and biosecurity. Fornari received the Gold Trophy in the Outstanding category at the 28th Gerdau Melhores da Terra Award, the biggest award for the machines and equipments industry in South America. This award features innovative, modern and best […]

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We are among the 19 projects selected by Braskem Labs

Fornari Industria Ltda

We are among the 19 projects selected by the 2015 Braskem Labs edition. Check it out!

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Oeste Aviarist acquires Fornari equipment

Avícola Oeste

The washing machines provide a quick cleaning of the incubation trays.

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Remi Marcolin Farm acquires Tray Washing Machine

Granja Remi Marcolin

In the picture: Cícero Gavazzoni (responsible for the farm), Daiane Gavazzoni, Lucas Gavazzoni and the owner, Remi Marcolin.

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Aliança Farm invests in automation

Granja aliança

The impact from scientific and technological progresses in different sectors of global economy is increasing and in agribussiness it’s not different.

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Helena Brandini and Celso Zampieri’s Farm acquires equipment

Granja de Helena Brandini e Celso Zampieri

In the picture: Adelino, Osmar and Simonara

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Barreta Farm purchases two machines from Fornari Industry

Granja Barreta

Considered one of the most promising and important companies of the agribusiness, Fornari Industry offers the best equipments to the man in the countryside.

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