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How hatched eggs and chick quality influence profits

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14 de July de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

High performance and productivity are goals that plague any business. The control of various parameters over a process is increasingly strict, and not far from these premises, the agribusiness industry has shown positive results over the past few years, leveraging the national economy.

According to the 2015 ABPA’s annual report, the Brazilian poultry sector has resumed its 2013 year growth rate, and the southern states of Brazil are the ones that slaughter more chickens.

Within the whole process of poultry, one should maximize the rate of hatched eggs and allow these chicks to develop in a healthy environment and without risks of contracting some kind of disease. Measures to prevent pathogens such as sanitization and disinfection are of paramount importance to ensure a quality product.

But how does the amount of hatched eggs have influence in my results?

When we control the efficiency of eggs that are hatched in the safest and healthiest way, we are ensuring a higher result for the company. In addition to increasing revenue, because it generates more chicks, the rate at which the eggs hatch is an important indicator of productivity and health.

Outbreak quality parameters have increased over time, and the main ones are related to productivity: fertility of the eggs, diseases in poultry, egg contamination by pathogens, incubation conditions and egg shell quality.

The amount of hatched eggs may also reveal possible obstacles within the production process. With a high conversion of eggs into chickens, one can observe the effectiveness of handling and quality in the prevention of pathogens.

And how can I measure the quality of the chicks? Is this relevant to my result?

From the moment that the embryos are born and develop until the time of the chicken slaughter, it is important to condition a good environment for them to develop. The central idea is the same in any kind of industry: productivity. mortality, disease prevalence, number of infected birds are some indicators that can be linked to the quality of the birds that are being processed.

The monitoring of all the bird’s life cycle is essential, and every measure taken throughout the process generates a certain cost, so the more measured and controled the “process parameters” are, the greater the assertive actions and the higher the obtained results.

This whole issue of quality throughout the production process is directly linked to profits and results of the agricultural industry and the rural producer. By getting a good quality score, besides avoiding rework (higher costs), you will be providing the market a product that can achieve the highest levels of demand, and the high standard of quality is a mandatory condition for those who want to explore new markets in agribusiness.

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