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Labor reduction in disinfection and monitoring of production

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30 de June de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

Thirty years ago, discussions began to emerge about rural exodus, the problems it would bring and forecasts of lack of manpower. Today, this is no longer the future, it’s the reality. There’s little skilled labor and services are left to be done.

To meet this need, and improve processes, technology is becoming more prevalent in agricultural production systems, and it is common for a machine to do the work of five, ten, or more people.

Although the replacing of human labor for machines may not be a synonymo of cost reduction, it’s a solution that has its benefits, especially in repetitive services or data collection, whose efficiency and assertiveness are higher.

In this article, we will talk about some machines that can assist in the reduction of labor required for disinfection and monitoring of the production system. Curious? Keep reading!

Disinfection Arch

This is one of those equipments that the producer can’t picture himself without it, because imagine having to wash and disinfect every vehicle that is entering the breeding area manually? And the time required for it?

Some models are automatic or timed and just need a person to be controlled by.

Disinfection of eggs

Think of a machine where you just have to put the tray with the eggs and choose the processing speed? It does exist, with water saving, automatic control of temperature and quantity of disinfectant used, working with various tray sizes and guaranteed by international standards for disinfection of eggs.

Disinfection of incubation and birth trays and box of chicks

This is another machine that fits your needs more efficiently, using less water than normal methods and with a technology that facilitates the collection of waste. Simply place the trays on the mat and wait for the equipment to do the work with all automatic parameters.


We haven’t yet reached the point where automation of production has a lower real cost than labor, but if we compare process efficiency, standardization, parameter control (process speed, temperature), we’ll see that machines provide these benefits more clearly. And that results in a greater financial return, as well as production safety, ensuring quality for sales and customer satisfaction.

Do you have machines and automated tools in your production area? Miss any process that could be replaced by a machine? Tell us in the comments.

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