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Egg Disinfection Machine

The equipment allows a standardization in the cleaning and disinfection processes of fertile and commercial eggs.

The machine complies with the resolution of the main food producing countries in the world regarding the prohibition of inadequate use of paraformaldehyde and formaldehyde in the disinfection and sterilization.

Operation: the equipment has a technology capable of promoting the disinfection of dirty and clean eggs with the same efficiency, assuring control of sanitizers and temperatures throughout the process.

  • Water Consumption: 120 liters for each 20 thousand eggs
  • Trays: All models and sizes
  • Speed: Controlled according to production
  • Capacity: 7 thousand to 30 thousand eggs/hour
  • Measurements: 1,15m wide / 5,15m long


  • Dry eggs at the end of the process with residual disinfectant
  • Better zootechnical result of lots
  • Standardization of the disinfection process
  • Reduction of labor
  • Low operational cost and simple handling
  • Risks to operator’s health eliminated due to the non use of toxic products

Model: Single Model

Manufacturer: Fornari Industry

Availability: Under Order

Guarantee: Fornari Industry

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