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BMD Textiles – Avian Screen (b-AVI)

Developed especially for the poultry sector, the -AVI Avian Screen has characteristics that fit into the practicality and efficiency that are so seeked by consumers. It’s resistant to high temperatures and complies with norms such as the Normative Instruction (IN59) of the Ministery of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Supply.

Its fabric is ideal for protecting ambiences, having a bird entry proof opening of up to 2cm. Besides having protection against UV beams, the Avian Screen also has characteristics that make the cleaning process easier and brings the BMD/Maccaferri quality standard, which assures excellent differentials for the daily routine.

Technical Specifications:

High tenacity polyester screen, coated with treated PVC.

Light and flexible product, easy installation.

  • Increases life spam of the night curtain;
  • Resistant to climate changes;
  • High resistance to rips and fraying;
  • Complies with specific normatives (IN59 of MAPA);
  • 50mt coils;
  • Widths: 2,10m – 2,5m – 2,8m and 3,2m;
  • Anti UV;
  • Antimicrobial and antifungal;
  • Black color
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