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Disinfection Arch – Simple Model or Double with Chicken Dampener

Operation: automatic or timed disinfection system with degree positioned nozzles, assuring better comprehensiveness. (Efficient disinfection: reaches all critical points of the vehicle).

Fornari’s Disinfection Arc promotes a better cleaning through a pressure and flow rate system, developed to be more efficient than traditional pulverization.

Width: 4 mts

Height: 5 mts

Base Depth: 3 mts


Sanitation and disinfection of normal vehicles, load carriers and equipments. Easy installation.

Model: Many models

Manufacturer: Fornari Industry

Comes with:

Composition: nozzle construction in stainless or brass. Fan squirt. Threaded PVC tubing. Simple model with tubing for chicken wetter in loading days linked to the same work pump.

Availability: Under Order

Guarantee: Fornari Industry

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