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Compact Solid Extruder

Application in the following sectors: cattle, swine, incubatory residue and many liquid residues. Operation: through a composed press system, the equipment allows the separation of solid particles from the liquid.

  • Composition: stainless steel body; engine; on/off control panel
  • Flow Rate: varies according to residues
  • Structure: Stainless 304
  • Filter Mesh: Stainless Steel
  • Filtration Grade: 0,8 – 3mm
  • Operation: continuous
  • Screw: Stainless Steel


Width: 400mm

Height: 750mm

Depth: 1050mm

Weight: 85kg

Power: 5 CV


Advantages: compatible with a large range of materials to be extruded; continuous feeding due to the entry compensating cilinder; specific feeding by gravity or pumping.

Model: Single Model

Manufacturer: Fornari Industry

Availability: Under Order

Guarantee: Fornari Industry

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