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Why should you worry about the hygiene of your farm or fridge?

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28 de July de 2016 | Postado por Fornari

Every producer or entrepreneur has to constantly worry about the hygiene of their farms and slaughterhouses. This is a health factor and has to do with the impacts to man, animals and the environment.

We’ve been seeing for a while, in the news, the lack of hygiene in environments like these, leading to poor packaging of animals or food, the non-use of safety and hygiene equipments and lack of organization. Continue reading to learn more about it!

The importance of hygiene in your refrigerator or farm

There are several risks of contamination for man and animal, and between the consequences of failures in this regard, we have decreased squad productivity, decreased profit for the farmer and risk to the health of human beings.

Biosecurity on farms and slaughterhouses must be treated seriously, because it concerns the prevention of diseases and contamination by external and internal infectious agents. All care must be taken so that nothing interferes with the quality of the product and will not harm the health of those involved in breeding or processing.

Food security

The food security factor also comes into play when there is no hygiene in farms and slaughterhouses, so it is essential to analyze the best way to create a planning and management of flocks, so that the product does not lose its quality and the consumers will not be harmed.

Producers, on the other hand, need to seal a commitment that reflects the hygienic condition from the treatment given to animals to the equipment, layout and cleanliness of the place. Maintaining hygiene on farms and slaughterhouses promotes greater credibility to the company from the time that the contamination levels are reduced, as is the case with production costs, preventing the loss of customers.

In this context, the use of good tools and equipment is essential. Meet one of them that can raise the level of your work: the Boot Washer.

One of the items that promote a continuous and frequent hygiene on a farm or in a refrigerator is the BOOT WASHER. It consists of a machine that helps in cleaning the boots of workers entering and leaving these environments every day.

The boot washer is an essential equipment that makes the environment cleaner and more sanitized, preventing external agents from entering. Thus, the health of the whole space, biosecurity and food security are fully protected. The equipment is ideal for the entrance of refrigerators, incubators, dairy, production farms and was designed primarily for the food industry.

Hygiene in the farm and in the slaughterhouse is essential so that the quality of the meat will not suffer the consequences of inadequate management. If you still do not have safe equipments, start thinking about the possibility of acquiring them, because it facilitates the routine of professionals who need to get in touch with animals and with the chambers many times a day.

What about you, do you make use of this and other tools in your business to ensure the quality of your product? Leave a comment!


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