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Styrofoam and plastic sowing tray washing machine

It removes the organic material allowing the reuse of trays and does the disinfection with a disinfectant chosen by the client. It preserves the environment by discarding less styrofoam, works with water under pressure allowing removal of dirt from places where washing by hand wouldn’t work, and it reduces labor.

  • Total machine power: 10,2 kW
  • Tension: 220/380
  • Pressure: 5 to 7 BAR
  • Water consumption: 700 L (initial + restitution)
  • Cleans 360 trays per hour

Speed is adjusted according to client’s production. It can function with or without the humidity drag module.

Size: 6,0m of length, 1,60m of height and 1m of width

Model: Customized

Manufacturer: Fornari Industry

Availability: Production depends on order confirmation

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