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30 Egg Tray and Transport Boxes Washer

Operation: equipment promotes cleaning of 30 egg trays and transport boxes, in the same module, through a practical and efficient regulation system.  It was developed to make operations easier. With high pressure, it’s capable of reducing considerably water and energy consumption if compared to normal processes. It has a static sieves system that can pick up more residues.

  • Tension: 220/380 V
  • Production Capacity: Varies depending on model
  • Trays: All 30 egg tray models and 240 and 360 egg transport boxes
  • Speed: According to production
  • Measurements: Allows variables
  • Length: 4 mts
  • Height: 1,6 mts
  • Width: 2 mts


  • Washes and disinfects 30 egg trays and transport boxes
  • Complete equipment with low energy consumption
  • High pressure washing

Model: Double application

Manufacturer: Fornari Industry

Availability: Under Order

Guarantee: Fornari Industry

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