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3 de August de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

Broiler chicks: main cautions in the first weeks of life

The incubation period – which corresponds to the first 18 months of life of the broiler chicks – is the most delicate time of the animal’s life, that isn’t capable to mantain its body temperature properly.

13 de July de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

Why disinfection is fundamental to the poultry aviary?

Aviaries must be always clean to ensure the poultry health and production quality. It is also necessary to stay alert to clean tools and clothes used by who is in direct contact with the poultry to avoid that pathogenic microorganisms spread in the place where they the production is raised.

15 de June de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

How cleaning and disinfection contribute to Brazil’s meat industry reputation

The influenza epidemic, that swept across most of the Asia and Europe during the last years, made those countries to buy more Brazilian meat

4 de May de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

How to prevent poultry diseases with hatchery automation

Is it worth to invest in hatchery automation? If we look at the benefits that technology can bring, the answer is yes. First, because it is possible to save money with workforce, once that most processes are done automatically. Besides, the automation ensures more accuracy to the way the eggs are handled, which contributes to […]

16 de March de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

Ectoparasites in production of laying hens: learn about this danger and how to fight it

The ectoparasites that live in poultry skins and bodies might cause many problems from injuries, weight loss, stress, transmittable diseases and even death. Those factors lead to huge economical setbacks to small and large companies in industrial poultry farming. Controlling ectoparasites ensure greater quality of life to the birds and more profit in the poultry sector. Stay […]

2 de March de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

How to promote welfare to broiler chickens?

The production of broiler chickens in Brazil is one of the concerns in the crescent food output caused by population growth. The prediction made by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) is that, in 2020, the chicken meat is going to be the most eaten meat in the entire world, something never […]

23 de February de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

6 valuable tips of industrial aviculture management

The industrial aviculture keeps expanding in Brazil and already exceeding numbers of giants in this sector, such as China, for instance.

16 de February de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

Which are the major precautions with poultry in the summer?

Summer is within reach and it is common to face massive death cases in industrial aviculture. Due to the intense heat waves in this time of year and the lack of proper farm infrastructure, the animal’s health is easily compromised and generates a great number of problems to the quality of the meat. Learn the […]


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