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11 de May de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

Successes and challenges of agrobusiness in Brazil

Few industries in the economy show a greater growth like the one that has been undergone on the poultry sector in the last decades. In less than a half century, Brazil became the major exporter and the world’s third largest producer of poultry.

6 de April de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

7 most important illnesses that affect the entire dairy herd

Learn which are the main diseases that can affect the entire dairy herd, the best way to prevent them and the recommended treatment for each situation: 1. Babesiosis Babesiosis is an illness that can be caused by the parasites Babesia divergens, Babesia bigemina or Babesia bovis. The last two are responsible for spreading the disease […]


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