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6 valuable tips of industrial aviculture management

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23 de February de 2017 | Postado por Fornari

The industrial aviculture keeps expanding in Brazil and already exceeding numbers of giants in this sector, such as China, for instance.

According to the Ministry of Development, four in every ten spring chickens consumed in the world come from our country. With all this sector expansion and development, we thought about the following question: are all professionals from the national agrobusiness alert and ready to keep the niche growing and leading the competition?

We separated some fundamental points to a better administrative management of the industrial aviculture sector. Stay with us!

The poultry farmer must create operational processes with its granger

The granger is the professional that will be in constant contect with the birds and with the animal handling and health procedures. It is of utmost importance that the operational processes are well-defined and standardized, to obtain the best outcome from poultry farming.

Investing time to define processes correctly in your farming also results in a possibility of better outcome assessment, because the data are more precise and reliable. Besides, it is easier to search for certification of processes in your business and programs aimed for process quality, such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), GFP (Good Fabrication Practices), among others.

Investments in staff training

Employee qualification is crucial to increase quality processes and poultry farming results. There are often new courses and faculties focused on agrobusiness in Brazil. Huge companies are investing more and more in qualification of their staff, ensuring skilled labor, higher reliability on delegating tasks and reducing expenses from production to management.

Good work conditions for the granger

Ensuring good work conditions for the granger lead to better results to your poultry farming. Well-being and safety at work are necessary for a good performance in granger’s activities. About housing offered to these professionals, provide comfortable facilities and allow autonomy to their families regarding the environment which they live.

Good poultry farming site

The site for poultry farming must follow rules that meet animal health. Hygiene and propre sanitization of farming sites is fundamental to ensure production qualidade. Bird health and hygiene are extremely important in this case, and it is easier to trust in efficient processes and equipments to guarantee a better outcome.

Appropriate equipment

An adequate choice of equipments reflects in expense reduction and productivity increase in poultry farming. Be aware to what is most innovative and safe in the market, invest in efficient equipments that value for environmental well-being, for quality and conscious consumption, avoiding production waste.

Poultry standardization

The standardization is of particular relevance to ensure quality in the final product and to attend the demands frome rules and from the consumer. Establish patterns for your production and be aware to legal norms, keeping your poultry ready to serve the final consumers.

Want to know more about equipments that help in quality and efficiency of your poultry, reducing expenses and keeping the productivity high? Get in touch with our consultants!

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